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Artist Statement

I was raised in lots of places, from Northern California to wide-open Wyoming. Because I was extremely curious and supremely shy, most of my time was spent observing and daydreaming. Some of my favorite past times were laying on my back watching clouds, sitting next to a stream and listening to the burbling water, studying the line quality of trees and their lacey branches and being astonished by the rainbow diamonds that glittered in snowdrifts.


I remember thinking that I would like to capture these small wonders in paintings or photographs, preserve the memory of them and embellish their beauty. When I was about 10, my aunt gave me some art supplies; pastels, pencils, a sketch pad and some “how to draw” books. I felt like I could make magic! It’s a feeling I still have when I create.

Depicting characters, creating stories and conjuring emotion are all part of my work. Connecting inward in this way allows me to connect to others. This flow confirms that I am everything and everything is me (my mantra) and that there is an undeniable relationship among all things.

Though my art goes far and wide, I am happiest in my home studio, among my human family and furry family (kitties and dogs). I promise to always remember what an incredible privilege it is to be a full-time artist.

To keep up to date on new paintings, exhibits and moments big and small (probably lots of cat and dog pictures), visit me on Instagram and sign up for my email newsletter (which comes out 4 to 6 times a year).


Thanks so much for dropping by!

With Love,


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